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  • Adam Malofsky PhD
    Ecochem was clearly one of the best green and clean conferences we have ever attended with powerfully relevant players who are now advancing our business. We will definitely be back and we hope to see a broader and deeper program each year.
    Dr Alasdair Taylor
    The University of Nottingham prides itself on its expertise in green and sustainable chemistry and we seek to align our research to the needs of the chemistry-using industries. Ecochem was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our research, make new contacts in the industry and learn about current technologies and trends.
    Dr Anita Buekenhoudt
    We found the conference indeed quite interesting and we had some good contacts at our booth. To repeat!
    Dr Christian Schwarz
    Thank you for the organization of this great event. I really enjoyed my time at EcoChem and hope that it has established as fare and conference for the next years.
    Fabio Visentin
    It was a good conference with good audience and presentations. I will for sure attend the next event.
    Johan Ter Harmsel
    Congratulations with the well-organised event. It was encouraging to notice the high volume of attendees during my session, which confirmed to me the interest of the topic for the chemical industry and investors in new technologies in these industries.
    John Warner
    I thought the meeting was a stunning success.
    Kathryn Sheridan
    For a first-timer, Ecochem already showed a lot of maturity in 2013, quickly becoming one of the highlights in the bioeconomy calendar. I am certain that Ecochem will go from strength to strength and look forward to moderating on the bioeconomy again in 2014.
    Klaus Stadler
    It was a pleasure being part of the Ecochem conference and exhibition. The conference was interesting in so far, that the chemical industry has been much more involved.
    Lars Lundquist
    I enjoyed the conference very much. It was way beyond my expectations.
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    Event Held on :11,Nov,2014

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    Event Held on :11,Nov,2014

    52 Days to Go

    Event Held on :11,Nov,2014

    52 Days to Go